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30 Filipino repatriates from n-Cov-hit Wuhan City, Hubei province return home, quarantine

February 9, 2020

Thirty Filipinos, including an infant, returned to the Philippines from Wuhan City, Hubei province on board a government-chartered plane Sunday morning and were brought to a building inside the Athlete’s Village in New Clark City (NCC), Capas, Tarlac province. They and the 10-member government team, composed of volunteers from the Department of Health and the Department of Foreign Affairs, will be quarantined in separate quarters in the complex for 14 days. The plane landed at Clark at 6:59 am and were met by government officials in a restricted area of the airport — the haribon hangar of the Philippine Air Force. Authorities have also locked down the athlete’s complex inside the NCC.
Wuhan City and the entire Hubei province have been shut off by the Chinese government to prevent the spread of the 2019-nCov disease which has killed 724 in 24 countries, mostly in China and infected more than 34,000. in the Philippines, the Department of Health has reported 2 deaths of visiting Chinese nationals from Wuhan and a total of 284 suspected cases, 24 of whom have been discharged, while 15 have refused admission. Metro Manila has the highest number of suspected cases of 108, including the fatalities (2) and discharged (6). (Video by Cris Balleta/ Text by Virgilio DC. Galvez)