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Eruption Of Taal Volcano

January 13, 2020

A Manila Shimbun team went to the lakeshore town of Talisay, Batangas whose residents were evacuated this morning following the eruption of Taal Volcano. Here are some of the scenes taken by our crew. Some residents returned to the town


FEATURE: Japan City hosting world heritage site trying to bring back visitors

July 8, 2019

By Aoi Kobayashi Tomioka, Gunma Pref.–Five years ago, residents of Tomioka believed that the registration of a local historical landmark as a World Heritage site would reinvigorate the typical Japanese regional city facing constant declines in population. But such optimism


Cambodia art history

July 5, 2019

Artefacts are displayed during a ceremony in which 85 items were returned to the National Museum in Phnom Penh on July 5, 2019. – The artefacts were part of a collection of a Japanese antique collector. (Photo by TANG CHHIN


PNP says flying schools constantly monitored

July 3, 2019

The Philippine National Police ( PNP) on Wednesday said they are monitoring flying schools, especially those which accept foreigners as students. In an interview in Subic, Police General Oscar Albayalde said their monitoring resulted in the arrest of a Kenyan


Family opposition cited for girls’ decisions to give up science

June 14, 2019

Tokyo–An annual report from the Japanese government suggested Friday that family opposition, not a lack of academic abilities, is a major factor prompting girls to give up choosing science-related studies at university. The 2019 gender equality white paper, which features


Japan New Year Calligraphy Tradition

January 5, 2018

Tokyo- Participants write with ink brushes during the New Year calligraphy contest in Tokyo, Japan, Friday, 05 January 2018. The annual event attracts people of all ages across Japan to show of their Japanese calligraphy skills. Jiji Press Participants display


Taiwan Japan Culture

December 13, 2017

TAIWAN- Taiwan women pose for photographs after performing a Japanese dance at a community event in Taipei, Taiwan, Tuesday, 12 December 2017. Taiwan was a Japanese colony from 1895-1945, so Taiwan’s culture and lifestyle have been influenced by Japanese culture.


“Les romanesques” perform in Paris for “Cabaret Shinjuku festival”

November 27, 2017

PARIS- Japanese artists “Les romanesques” perform on the stage of the “Theatre le Temple”, on October 13, 2008 in Paris, as part of the “Cabaret Shinjuku festival” which vows to bring Japanese underground culture to the French public. Jiji Press