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10 major electricity firms to raise rates in May

March 31, 2017

Tokyo- Japan's 10 major electricity suppliers will raise their rates in May, according to their billing plans announced Thursday.

The May bills for an average household will rise by 153-213 yen from the previous month, marking the fourth straight month of across-the-board rate hikes.

The markups mainly reflect an increase in extra charges to promote renewable energy, including solar power, from May.

Higher prices for crude oil and liquefied natural gas, used as fuel for thermal power generation, are also behind the rise in the May power rates.

The largest rise will be at Okinawa Electric Power Co.  up 213 yen to 7,160 yen.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. group will raise its rate by 192 yen to 6,604 yen. Kansai Electric Power Co. will increase its rate by 190 yen to 6,836 yen, and Chubu Electric Power Co. by 179 yen to 6,341 yen.

Meanwhile, all four major gas suppliers in Japan, including Tokyo Gas Co. plan to raise their charges for the seventh consecutive month. In May, their rates will increase by 44-62 yen. Jiji Press