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2 Elderly People with Coronavirus Die in Japan

March 16, 2020

Tokyo- An elderly man infected with the new coronavirus has died in Nagoya, central Japan, the city government said Sunday.

Also, a female resident of Sapporo, Hokkaido, northernmost Japan, in her 80s died on Sunday after being infected with the coronavirus.

The death toll linked to the virus in the nation rose to 31.

The Nagoya city government declined to disclose the age of the man or whether he had chronic disease, citing the wishes of his family.

The western Japan city of Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, said two male doctors at a medical institution in Takarazuka, Hyogo, have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The medical institution treated a man in his 80s who died on Tuesday due to coronavirus infection. The man had used a day care facility in Itami, Hyogo, where many have been infected.

Also on Sunday, four people including a nursery school child were confirmed to be infected with the virus in Hokkaido.

Three people in Tokyo, three in their 40s to 80s in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, eastern Japan, and a woman aged between 10 and 19 in western Japan city of Wakayama were also confirmed to have the virus.

According to the health ministry, two men who have stayed in Italy tested positive for the virus at Tokyo International Airport at Haneda on Saturday. One of them are aged between 10 and 19, while the other is in his 20s. The number of infection cases found during airport checks came to five. Jiji Press