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Arctic route seen used for Europe-to-Hokkaido shipment later this year

August 6, 2017

TOKYO- The shipping route between Europe and East Asia via the Arctic Ocean is expected to be used for cargo transportation from Europe to Hokkaido, northern Japan, for the first time later this year, Jiji Press has learned.

A cargo carrier run by China Cosco Shipping Corp. on the way from Europe to China is likely to call at the Port of Tomakomai, southwestern Hokkaido, by December to unload European farm goods, according to an official in charge of European routes at an affiliate of the shipping firm.

The Arctic route helps shorten navigation between the two regions by some 15 days compared with the southern route via the Suez Canal, and also involves little risk of encountering typhoons or pirates, the official said.

The use of the Arctic route for transportation between Europe and Japan has been limited so far. The Japanese government is working with Russia and other related countries to promote the Arctic route, while public-private efforts being made to invite port calls in Hokkaido.Jiji Press