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Hosono gives letter of resignation to DP

August 9, 2017

TOKYO- Goshi Hosono, former deputy president of the main opposition Democratic Party, submitted a letter of resignation to the party on Tuesday.

On reasons for leaving the DP, Hosono, a House of Representatives lawmaker, said at a press conference, "Working with the Japanese Communist Party, which basically has different policies to us, contradicts my principles."

"In order to set up a new ruling political party, I have decided to take action by myself," he added.

He also signaled his willingness to align himself with Masaru Wakasa, who is also a member of the lower chamber of Japan's Diet and close to popular Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. Wakasa has recently set up Nippon First no Kai, a political group putting Japan first.

Expressing an interest in the new group, Hosono said, "I want to hold talks (with Wakasa) if the opportunity arises."

Hosono also indicated his intention of working with Akihisa Nagashima, who has already quit the DP. Jiji Press