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Japan to put more pressure on North Korea: Abe

June 3, 2017

Tokyo- Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed Japan's determination on Saturday to put more pressure on North Korea, after a new UN Security Council resolution imposing sanctions on the reclusive state was adopted by a unanimous vote. "To further strengthen pressure, Japan will cooperate closely with relevant countries, including steadily implementing this Security Council resolution and securing the effectiveness of it," Abe said in a statement.

While hailing the adoption of the resolution on Friday, Abe called on North Korea to implement a series of related Security Council resolutions strictly and fully and refrain from further provocations, including nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches.
Abe also reiterated his determination to continue strongly demanding Pyongyang take concrete actions to resolve pending problems, including the issue of Japanese nationals abducted to the communist state.
 Meanwhile New York The UN Security Council adopted Friday a resolution expanding the targets of sanctions against North Korea after the recent series of ballistic missile launches by the reclusive state.
The resolution, approved by a unanimous vote, added 14 individuals and four groups in North Korea to the list of those subject to asset freezes and travel bans.
But the Security Council stopped short of widening the scope of its trade ban or imposing any new sanctions.
It is the seventh Security Council resolution imposing sanctions against North Korea and the first since the administration of US Donald Trump was launched.
China and Russia, which are close to North Korea, voted for the resolution.
The adoption of the sanctions resolution is a stronger UN response to North Korean provocations. Previously, the Security Council responded to ballistic missile launches by North Korea, other than long-range missiles, by issuing press statements, which are less effective than resolutions. (Jiji Press)