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Japan to urge operators to do more against gambling addiction

March 28, 2017

TOKYO- The Japanese government plans to urge operators of publicly run gambling events and firms that run “pachinko” pinball parlors, to step up measures to combat gambling addiction, Jiji Press learned on Monday.

The government will hold a meeting of ministers related to the issue as early as this week after the enforcement last December of a so-called integrated resort facilitation law that effectively lifts the country’s ban on casinos.

The government plans to submit a bill to implement the law, including casino regulations, this year. To gain public support for the bill, the government intends to promote measures against gambling addiction.

At first, the government will develop a consultation system for gambling addicts while campaigning against gambling addiction. Further measures will follow, including those related to the online gambling industry.

Among adults in Japan, the proportion of suspected gambling addicts is estimated at 4.8 pct, based on a survey by the health ministry in 2014.

Japan’s ruling coalition on Tuesday sought to introduce a basic law on gambling addiction prevention as part of efforts to legalize casinos in the country.

Members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its junior coalition partner, Komeito, met separately and agreed to introduce such a law.

The LDP aims to submit a related bill as legislation sponsored by lawmakers during the current session of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, set to end in June.

The bill is expected to stipulate measures needed to be taken by the central government, local municipalities and facility operators to prevent gambling addiction.

The LDP plans to have the bill cover public gambling, including horse racing, and “pachinko” pinball games in addition to casinos. Jiji Press