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Musician Monsieur Kamayatsu dies at 78

March 2, 2017

TOKYO- Japanese musician Monsieur Kamayatsu, a member of The Spiders, one of the “Group Sounds” rock band sensations in the 1960s, died of pancreatic cancer at a Tokyo hospital on Wednesday. He was 78.

Monsieur Kamayatsu, whose real name was Hiroshi Kamayatsu, also drew popularity as a solo musician.

Influenced in part by his father, who was a jazz musician, Kamayatsu started his musical activities when in high school.

In 1964, Kamayatsu joined The Spiders as a vocalist and guitarist, leading the Group Sounds boom together with fellow band members Masaaki Sakai and Jun Inoue.

Kamayatsu wrote songs for The Spiders, including its debut song, “Furi Furi,” and hit tune “Ano Toki Kimi wa Wakakatta.”

After The Spiders broke up, he started his solo musical career using his real name.

“Waga Yoki Tomo yo,” written by popular singer and songwriter Takuro Yoshida and sung by Kamayatsu, became a major hit in 1975.

Known for his unique hairstyle and cheerful character, Kamayatsu attracted widespread popularity under the nickname of “Monsieur.” He also performed as an actor, appearing in a number of television dramas and movies.

He was diagnosed with liver cancer in May last year. Jiji Press