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North Korea fires missiles again

June 8, 2017

SEOUL- North Korea fired projectiles that appeared to be surface-to-ship cruise missiles toward the Sea of Japan from Wonsan in the country's eastern region Thursday, the South Korean military said.
The short-range missiles flew some 200 kilometers, according to the military's joint chiefs of staff.
A US Defense Department official said the projectiles did not appear to be ballistic missiles.
With the latest firing, North Korea has carried out a missile launch for the fourth straight week.
North Korea's Foreign Ministry on Sunday blasted the fresh U.N. Security Council resolution, adopted Friday, that strongly condemned a series of ballistic missile launches by the country and expanded the scope of sanctions against the reclusive state.
On May 29, North Korea fired a ballistic missile from Wonsan that is believed to have fallen into waters in Japan's exclusive economic zone in the Sea of Japan.
Meanwhile, a senior government official said missiles fired by North Korea posed no impact on Japan's national security.
The missiles fell in an area far from Japan's exclusive economic zone, the official told reporters.
The government believes the projectiles were short-range land-to-ship missiles.
The government did not hold an emergency meeting of key officials at the prime minister's office Thursday morning as it saw no immediate threat from the
missiles, sources familiar with the situation said.
On Wednesday, the government became aware of signs of an imminent missile firing by North Korea and started preparations.
As part of the preparations, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who usually commutes from his private home, stayed the night at his official residence, the sources said.
Soon after Thursday's launch, the government concluded that the level of threat from the missiles is low.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga showed up at the prime minister's office almost as scheduled. He did not hold an emergency press conference.
The South Korean military said the missiles, fired toward the Sea of Japan, are believed to have flown some 200 kilometers. (Jiji Press)