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Record 97.6% of new university graduates get jobs

May 19, 2017

Tokyo The employment rate for university students who graduated in spring this year came to 97.6 percent as of April 1, hitting the highest level since the survey began in 1997, the labor and education ministries said Friday.
The figure for new graduates was up 0.3 percentage point from the year-before level. The employment rate as of April 1 rose for six years in a row.
For new high school graduates, the employment rate gained 0.3 point to stand at 98 percent at the end of March, up for the seventh consecutive year
and hitting the highest level since 1991, when it stood at 98.3 percent, the education ministry said.With the number of job offers increasing, a record 74.7 percent of university students who graduated this spring sought to be employed.
"On the back of the economic recovery, companies are increasingly interested in hiring," said an official of the labor ministry's
office for youth employment.
The university survey covered 4,770 graduates from a total of 62 universities, and the high school survey targeted 192,008 students who hoped to start working after graduation rather than moving on to higher education. Among the university graduates, the employment rate was up 0.2 point at 96.9 percent for men, and up 0.4 point at 98.4 percent for women, both record highs.
In the high school survey, the rate was up 0.2 point at 98.5 percent for male graduates and up 0.6 point at 97.4 percent for female graduates. By prefecture, the employment rate came to 100 percent inToyama, followed by Ishikawa, with 99.8 percent, and Fukui and Fukushima, both with 99.7 percent. (Jiji Press)