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Ueno Zoo to halt viewing of giant panda with pregnancy signs

May 23, 2017

Tokyo- Tokyo's Ueno Zoo said Tuesday it will suspend the public viewing of giant panda Shin Shin from Thursday as chances of her pregnancy have increased.
Since the zoo announced her signs of pregnancy on Thursday, Shin Shin's appetite has diminished further and her rest time has increased, the zoo said.
The 11-year-old female panda has also shown other signs of pregnancy, such as visible nipples and elevated hormone levels.
In 2012, Shin Shin gave birth to a baby on the 101st day after mating with her partner, Ri Ri, was confirmed. The cub died six days later.
As her latest mating with the male panda was confirmed in late February, the zoo expects Shin Shin to give birth in early June if she is pregnant.
In 2013, the female panda showed similar signs, but she turned out to have had a false pregnancy. (Jiji Press)