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US trade deficit with Japan dives 28 percent in April

June 3, 2017

Tokyo- The US customs-cleared merchandise trade deficit with Japan in April plunged 28 percent from the previous month to $5.2 billion, the Commerce Department said Friday.
Still, the deficit with Japan, not seasonally adjusted, was the fourth-largest among US trading partners, after China, Mexico and Germany.
The administration of US President Donald Trump is expected to demand further efforts to rectify the trade imbalance with Japan.
In April, US exports to Japan totaled $60 billion, the largest since August 2014. In automotive trade with Japan, the US deficit narrowed 13.5 percent to $4.4 billion.
The US goods trade deficit with China totaled 27.6 billion dollars.
On an international balance of payments basis, the seasonally adjusted US trade deficit in goods and services increased 5.2 percent to $47.6 billion. (Jiji Press)