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Ajinomoto to Open “Gyoza” Restaurant Mainly for Foreigners

September 7, 2017

Tokyo- Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co. on Monday unveiled to the media a "gyoza" pot sticker restaurant set to open in Tokyo's posh Akasaka district on Thursday, hoping to let more visitors to Japan enjoy the popular food.

The menu at the restaurant, "Gyoza It.," run by the unit of food and seasoning maker Ajinomoto Co. <2802>, will includes four types of gyoza cooked on a five-meter-wide iron plate.

The restaurant will offer new styles of gyoza, including those wrapped in perilla leaves and eaten with whole-grain mustard and truffle salt.

A planned event will feature foods similar to gyoza from across the world, such as Russia's piroshki.

The Tokyo-based company has hired staff from various countries. A total of 15 languages will be available at the restaurant.

"We hope to spread gyoza culture all over the world," Hidetora Yoshimine, president of Ajinomoto Frozen Foods, told a press conference.

The company expects 300,000 people will visit the restaurant over five years. Jiji Press