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Japanese lawyer operating sashimi shop in India

May 28, 2017

NEW DELHI - A Japanese lawyer opened a sashimi shop near New Delhi about two months ago to promote the habit of eating raw fish in northern India.
"I'II sell (sashimi) steadily and prepare for the future" where the delicacy and other Japanese food will be popular in the region, said the 36-year-old founder of the Sashimi Fresh! shop, Yoshikazu Nishino.
Nishino, a native of Tokyo, was looking for opportunities outside of Japan as a lawyer before launching the new business in India to create jobs for local friends.
Raw fish are not habitually eaten in the New Delhi area, located over 1,000 kilometers away from the sea.
He enabled long-distance transportation of raw fish by having a Japanese sushi chef teach fishermen in southern India a technique to keep them fresh.
Fish caught in India include sea breams and groupers. Unstable fish catches due to the weather are a source of concern to Nishino. He also faced difficulty in finding a broker who connects him with fishermen, in a country where community ties are strong. (Jiji Press)