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“About 2.5 billion to 3 billion (pesos) spent in Marawi battle: Lorenzana

August 11, 2017

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Friday more than two billion pesos were spent because of the ongoing battle in Marawi City.

“What we have spent since the start is about 2.5 billion to 3 billion already,” he said.

Lorenzana said based on his estimate approximately 1.3 billion pesos were spent by the Philippine Army.

“We haven’t collated everything but in Army I think they have spent about around 1.3 billion, which is just for the Army,” he said.

Aside from deploying thousands of soldiers, the military is using its air assets, including the FA-50 fighter jets against terrorists that are still occupying some part of the city.

Lorenzana noted that money spent for Marawi include the military’s budget that was allotted for other projects.

“Hopefully we can ask Congress to replenish those funds because that money was taken out from other projects to use there, especially procurement of more equipment and bulletproof vests, helmets, night vision goggles and ammunition,” he said.

The rebellion in Marawi City which has been going on for more than two months has caused the deaths of 128 government forces and 552 terrorists. Robina Asido/DMS