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BPI still coping with complaints on bank balances

June 8, 2017

Bank of the Philippine Islands said in its advisory late Thursday it was trying to meet complaints from clients who said their balances were not correct. “We wish to ensure you that we are exerting all efforts to rectify the balances of accounts with mis-posted transactions”, BPI said its statement. “We have isolated the cause of our systems error. We expect complete restoration of services very soon, as we fully recognize your requirements ahead of the coming long weekend, including transactions via our electronic channels,” BPI added. BPI had reported bank balances in its electronic channels had been restored as of 10 pm Wednesday but complaints flared up Thursday, forcing the bank to deactivate its electronic channels. “In the process of rectifying balances accounts with mis-posted transactions, we have noted that certain accounts still reflect incorrect balances. To allow us to do necessary adjustments, we will need to de-activate our electronic channels today”, BPI said in a statement on its website. Electronic channels refer to mobile applications and online banking, BPI said. BPI extended its banking operation until 7:30 on Thursday for the second straight following a glitch in its operations on Wednesday. “Banking systems such as credit cards, remittance, SWIFT, equities brokerage (BPI Trade), investments and loans remain operational”, the bank said. BPI reported an “internal system error” nationwide  on Wednesday morning about transactions made in between April 27 to May 2 which has been double credited or debited on some of its clients’ accounts. (Alanna Ambi/DMS)