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Briones says schools ready for blended learning as simulation ongoing

July 31, 2020

The Department of Education is ready to implement the blended learning starting August 24 as simulation has been ongoing in various districts in the country, an official said.

Education Secretary Leonor Briones, in a taped televised meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night but aired on Friday morning, said 345 school districts and regions have been conducting the dry-run.

"We can start on August 24 the blended learning approach because we have been conducting the dry run, the simulation in all the districts using the different approaches," she said.

"We have practiced this. On August 10, we will launch the opening of school year. We have already practiced, how it will be looked like in radio, in TV, what will happen if we will use the online or platform, what will happen if modular," she added.

Due to coronavirus disease pandemic, the government has decided to forego the face-to-face classes and instead implement the blended learning with the use of Internet, radio, television or printed materials.

Briones also reported that as of July 30, 22.3 million students have enrolled already on the assumption that classes will start on August 24 through blended learning.

She also noted that there is an increase of enrollment in the private schools, which is already at 31 percent, while enrollment in the public sector is at 92 percent.

Briones said that enrollment is still ongoing. Celerina Monte/DMS