The Daily Manila Shimbun


Dela Rosa wants to fight in Marawi alongside cops

May 29, 2017

Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa became emotional as he showed his desire to fight beside security forces against the Maute Group in Marawi City on Monday. “Again, I like to say that you go home and I will fight for you. I will give them all my support”, Dela Rosa said. Dela Rosa said security forces might concentrate on protecting him than focus on the operation. “Instead of concentrating in the fight, my troops might concentrate on securing my safety so their strategy will mess up and that is my frustration”, he said. Dela Rosa said wounded security officers who requested for transfer will be evaluated by the Philippine National Police, the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management, and the Director of Special Action Force. At least 15 government forces, including three policemen were killed as the fighting enters its sixth day. Dela Rosa said he might send future scalawag cops to Marawi City. “I am comparing their lives here where they only think about money… whereas our police officers there in Marawi are caught in the battle, thinking of survival”, he said. Dela Rosa said he is open in recommending the lifting of martial law to President Rodrigo Duterte depending on the situation. (Alanna Ambi/DMS)