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DFA can’t say if  alleged leaked transcript of Duterte-Trump call is genuine

May 25, 2017

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) could not confirm or deny if the leaked confidential transcript of the phone call between President Rodrigo Duterte and US President Donald Trump  which reportedly came from the agency is authentic. “While we value the need for transparency and the people's right to information, release of certain pieces of information, whether accurate or inaccurate, can affect national security and regional peace and stability,” the DFA said in a statement. The transcript of the April 29 phone call between the two leaders, bearing the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs cover sheet and marked confidential, was published on Wednesday by the Washington Post and the New York Times. The DFA said “under Philippine law, there is criminal and civil liability attached to the hacking, unauthorized disclosure and use of illegally or inadvertently-obtained confidential government documents.” “As such, we appeal to the sense of responsibility and patriotism of all concerned," it said. In that conversation, Trump praised Duterte’s controversial war on drugs, saying he is doing a “great job” in addressing the problem in the Philippines. Duterte and Trump tackled the growing threat of North Korea’s nuclear missile program and its leader Kim Jong Un, described by the Philippine president as “this generation’s madman.” “His mind is not working well and he just might go crazy one moment," said Duterte. Trump said Kim is a “madman with nuclear weapons.” He told Duterte the US has “a lot of firepower” and “two submarines” near North Korean waters. DMS