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Dominguez welcomes MCC move, but says gov’t to first study grant offer

August 18, 2017

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez IIII welcomed Friday the decision of the US government's Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC) to uphold the eligibility of the Philippines to secure a fresh grant.

He said the decision of the MCC is yet another confirmation of the Duterte administration's strong commitment to the rule of law and inclusive growth, a statement from the finance department said Friday.

Dominguez said the government would still go over conditions set by MCC in approving the millennium challenge compact for the Philippines.

"We welcome the decision of the Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC) to approve a new compact for the Philippine government and thank them for this fresh grant offer . The government under the Duterte administration continues tovigorously implement initiatives that reinforce the Philippines' commitment to good governance, peace and order and the rule of law,” Dominguez said.

He said the MCC decision is  "testament to the fact that despite the political noise emanating from certain quarters , our development partners recognize our government's commitment to reduce poverty and make growth inclusive  while  maintaining peace and order and upholding the rule of law."

"We will look into the conditions of the MCC grant and determine if they are aligned with our priorities," Dominguez said.

The MCC said on its website that the eligibility of recipient-countries for year 2018 will be based on, among others, their "demonstrated commitment to just and democratic governance, economic freedom and investments in (its) people," and "the opportunity to reduce poverty and generate economic growth." DMS