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Duterte ‘healthy as a horse’: Ubial

February 13, 2017

Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial admitted President Rodrigo Duterte has “health concerns” which are “bothersome, but not critical.”

“The picture of health of our President is that he is really very healthy. He has good stamina and level of energy. And we are really very supportive of his overall health and ability to lead this country,” said Ubial in a press conference Monday..

“The President is as healthy as a horse,” she added.

Ubial said fellow Cabinet members “are surprised with his stamina.”

“After four to six hours meetings, he still very much alert and awake, whereas many of the members of the Cabinet were already sleepy. Then after Cabinet meetings, he still have other meetings to attend,” said Ubial.

Ubial said Duterte has had constant bouts with migraine and Buerger's disease

Last month, there were news reports that Duterte made a “secret trip” to China to seek treatment for an undisclosed illness.

Duterte last week admitted going to a Chinese hospital but he joked that he “underwent circumcision.” DMS