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Duterte says in his Lenten message “goodness and truth to prevail”

April 10, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte, in his Holy Week message, expressed belief on Monday that goodness and truth will always prevail amid uncertainties and difficulties. Duterte said the way of the cross is the people's firm assurance of this. He said that the Season of Lent is an occasion to reflect on the death of Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary. Jesus' sacrifice marks the ultimate demonstration of love in laying down one's life for the salvation of mankind, he said. "His life is a testament to the power of selfless service and humility in the face of various trials. Amidst uncertainties and difficulties, the way of the cross is our firm assurance that goodness and truth will always prevail," Duterte said. He hoped that the virtues of kindness and benevolence that Christ exemplified serve as the Filipinos' inspiration to aid in the plight of the less fortunate. "Let the story of crucifixion challenge us to remain persevering in our struggle for a better life and a stronger society," he said. "This moment of renewal of our faith sends a message of solidarity to everyone regardless of our denomination. Despite our differences as individuals, may we always choose to embody compassion as Christ has personified," Duterte added. Duterte is out of the country during this Holy Week. He left on Monday afternoon for the Middle East where he would visit Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. While the President is away, Presidential Spokesperson Ernest Abella said the government is on "heightened alert" to ensure the safety and security of passengers at all airports, seaports and other transportation hubs during the Holy Week. Thousands of Filipinos have started flocking the different terminals to spend their holidays in the provinces. Asked if Duterte was satisfied with the government's preparation for the Holy Week, he said, "at the end of the day, the President wants results. Setting things in place, and ensuring proper and efficient functioning and coordination of the agencies are but the initial steps of the entire process." "‎Ultimately, his satisfaction can only be measured by the extent that the public's safety and convenience ‎are facilitated and guaranteed by the government," he added. (Celerina Monte/DMS)