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Over 12 million Filipinos considered hypertensive: health department

May 4, 2017

More than 12 million adult Filipinos are considered suffering from hypertension as around 200,000 deaths yearly can be due directly or indirectly to high blood pressure and not knowing their condition make them” walking time bombs,” Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial said. In a statement for the National Hypertension Month on Thursday, Ubial said:” Based on national surveys, the total number of hypertensive Filipinos is now more than 12 million, with more than half of them are unaware of their condition.". "Some of these unsuspecting hypertensive individuals are extremely at-risk and can be considered as 'walking time bombs' because anytime they can figuratively 'explode' to develop complications like massive stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and kidney failure," said Ubial. Ubial said the public can avail of blood pressure screening initiative they will be holding for barangay health stations, health centers, rural health units and other healthcare facilities  for May. “Screening is a cost effective way to identify at-risk individuals and those who may have already been experiencing significant symptoms, leading to lower disease rates, reduced healthcare costs and increased productivity,” said Ubial. She said the health department is targeting at least 1.7 million Filipinos, which are 18 years old and above, whose blood pressure has not been monitored for the past year. DMS