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PNP: ISIS is not involved in Quiapo blast

April 30, 2017

The Philippine National Police said Friday night’s explosion in Quiapo where 14 were injured is not connected to any terrorist or threat group. "Insofar as our evidence we have on hand  on the explosion (testimonies from witnesses and physical evidence recovered from the crime scene), there is nothing to indicate or show that the Quiapo explosion is connected with any terrorist or threat group," National Capitol Region Police Director Oscar Albayalde said in a statement on Sunday. Albayalde insisted the incident is nothing but a local peace and order concern involving feuding gangs and person in Quaipo area. "As in the past, several similar incidents transpired in the said area already," he said. He said there were no confirmed reports on any presence of members of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or ISIS in the Philippines. "In the past we have not discounted the presence of threat groups in the metropolis. However, we will not comment on the alleged ISIS claim on the Quiapo explosion until we confirm with certainty that such claim was really made by them. So much so there are no confirmed reports on any presence of members of  ISIS in the country," he said. The statement came after a supposed claim by the ISIS group were posted in SITE Intelligence Group, a website that monitors activities of jihadists around the world. The  website cited the ISIS group's Amaq News Agency reporting that the group is responsible for the bombing incident in Manila. Albayalde said the jihadist group is just "grabbing the opportunity to promote their cause and interest, and gain global recognition by claiming outright responsibility for the said explosion." "We, however, shall remain vigilant while we encourage the public to remain calm but vigilant and help us by providing vital information via  our hotlines," he said. He said the hosting of ASEAN 30th summit was a success even after the said incident last Friday night. (Ella Dionisio/DMS)