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April 1, 2022


Russia has claimed that there are “secret” laboratories where biological weapons are being developed in Ukraine with support from the United States. It says material is being destroyed to conceal the country’s weapons programme. However, the US denied the allegation and said that it was a total nonsense and that Russia is inventing false narratives to justify its actions in Ukraine.


The russia’s accusation says that the US and Ukraine of working with “pathogens of dangerous infections” in 30 laboratories across the country. Pathogens are microorganisms that can cause disease.


Currently, Ukraine has dozens of public health laboratories that work to research and mitigate the threats of dangerous diseases. And they receive financial and other support from the US, the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO) – as is the case in many other countries.


In the 1990s following the fall of the Soviet Union to reduce the risk from biological weapons that had been left behind in countries including Ukraine, the US set up it’s Biological Threat Reduction Program where certain laboratories receive funding from the US for modernization and equipment, but are managed locally and not by the US.


US said its programme does the opposite of Russia’s accusation and in fact aims to “reduce the threat of biological weapons proliferation”.


Russian official are firmed with their stand that Ukraine with the support from the US just destroyed pathogens to hide illegal research And tried to conceal evidence of prohibited activities.


However, based on BBC’s fact-checking, the accussation of Russia about the creation of biological weapons has no clear evidence. Lovely Montoya /Manila STV



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