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Sunvar starts vacating property

August 16, 2017

Sunvar Realty Development Corp. said it will vacate a  2.9 hectare property which the government wants to regain as it complies with an order of the Makati Regional Trial Court.

In a statement Wednesday, Sunvar said it will comply with the notice to vacate order issued by Makati RTC Branch 141 served around 5:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Alma Mallonga, Sunvar legal representative, said in a text message the three-day period to vacate will end on Friday. Some tenants have started vacating the property.

Sunvar is owned by the Rufino and Prieto families, which also run the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The notice was issued after the Court of Appeals last Monday orderied Sunvar to vacate Mile Long and pay rentals.

The CA resolution remanded the case back to Makati RTC Branch 141 and directed the sheriff to execute the June 10, 2015 of the Metropolitan Trial Court of Makati (MeTC) Branch 61 which ordered Sunvar to leave.

"While Sunvar has appealed the MeTC decision, it is committed to abiding by the legal process. In accordance with that commitment, Sunvar will comply and vacate Mile Long," it said in a statement.

Sunvar said it leased undeveloped land of the government some 35 years ago upon the understanding, reflected in contracts annotated in the title of the land, that the lease period would expire in 2027.

"Sunvar paid 16.8 million as advance rentals, and expended millions more to build roads, buildings, and infrastructure to develop the property which is why it is so valuable now," it said.

"Sunvar understands that the government has taken an opposite view. Sunvar continues to have faith in the law and legal process," it said. DMS