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Supreme Court stops QC from implementing its new real estate taxes ordinance 

April 18, 2017

The Supreme Court on Tuesday stopped the Quezon City government from implementing its ordinance, which imposes higher taxes on residential, commercial and industrial properties. In its summer session in Baguio City, the SC granted the plea for temporary restraining order sought by petitioner Alliance of Quezon City Homeowners’ Association Inc.  stopping the city government from implementing Ordinance No. 2556 which approved  fair market value of lands and basic unit construction costs for buildings and other structures for revision of real property assessments in the city. The ordinance effectively hikes existing fair market values from 100 percent to 500 percent, to be effective in 2017 for lands and in 2018 for buildings and other structures. The petitioner argued the rates are “unjust and excessive” and burden landowners. While it recognized the need to increase property valuation in the city, the petitioner is pushing for smaller or staggered increases. The Supreme Court  directed respondents to comment on the petition of  homeowners association within 10 days from notice. DMS