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Suspected Maute supporters arrested in Cagayan de Oro

July 5, 2017

Soliders arrested two alleged supporters of the Maute Group in Barangay Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro city on Wednesday morning, a statement from the military said. Armed with search warrant issued by Dennis Alcantar, Executive Judge, Branch 18 of Cagayan De Oro City, the Martial Law Special Action Group of the 4 th Infantry Divission,, accompanied by two barangay kagawad searched the house rented by a certain Irene Romato Idris at Residencia Apartment. It led to the arrest of  Monaliza Solaiman Romato and  Tahera Romato Taher. The group also seized the following ammunition, explosives and IED components: 4 pieces of M203 grenade (40mm HE),  one piece blasting cap, 9 volts battery w/ battery holder, one piece c4 explosive, eight pieces detonating cord, 19 pieces 100watts incandescent bulb, one jungle knife, suspected ammonium nitrate placed inside a plastic bag  and suspected ammonium nitrate (color red) placed inside a plastic bottle The three suspects and the seized items were brought to the regional criminal investigation and detection group for proper filling of case and proper disposition. This effort is part of the tracking and monitoring by the Eastern Mindanao Command 's units against the personalities listed in the arrest order, to prevent terrorist activities in Eastern Mindanao. According to reports, Monaliza Romato replaced her aunt Farhana Romato Maute, the matriarch of the Maute clan with mother of Maute Group leaders Omar and Abdullah after her arrest in Lanao del Sur area. She was providing financial and logistical support to the Maute Terrorist group and her house in Cagayan De Oro served as a sanctuary and transit point for Maute terrorist members. Romato is  the mother of a certain  alias Colingling who serves as intel and liaison of the Maute Group in Cagayan de Oro. She also gave sanctuary to Farida Romato, Al Majid Romato and Al Jadid Romato, members of the Maute Group, during their stay in the City prior to their arrest in Iloilo port last June 18. Her link with Maute was traced to Mohammad Noaim Maute  alias Abu Jadid/Majid, a trained Maute terrorist bomber tasked to conduct bombing in Cagayan de Oro city during the previous Ramadan. DMS