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Update guidelines in implementing MOA with telcos: AFP

September 16, 2020

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay ordered the update of guidelines in implementing the memorandum of agreement with the telecommunications companies.

"The Chief of Staff of the AFP ordered the update of the present guidelines for the implementation of memoranda between the AFP and this telcos. We need to update this because it was created on 2006. There are a lot of changes on the communication environment which is needed to be aligned with the guidelines of the MOA (memorandum of agreement)," Maj. Gen. Edgard Arevalo, AFP spokesman.

"Of course our AFP chief of staff also order the crafting of implementing rules and regulation with regards to these telcos, particularly to DITO Telecommunity," he added.

Arevalo also emphasized the benefits of having telco facilities inside military camps.

"In all cases, the collocation of the cell sites of telcos inside AFP camps entails payment of rent the amount of which varies depending upon the camp’s location," he said.

"In case of Dito, the rental payment goes to  government as trust receipt. This means that the rental fee will be reflected as AFP fund, the deposit or withdrawal of which is covered by government accounting rules," said Arevalo.

"So whatever we need be they equipment, or training, or other AFP requirements can be drawn from there. Provided that such is contained in a programmed expenditure as approved by the AFP chief," he added.

Arevalo also reiterate that the AFP will implement "stringent security measures" in all the personnel and equipment that the telco will bring inside the camp.

"If they are going to enter ( the camp), they need to submit a complete list of personnel that will enter. The equipment inventory will also have to be submitted prior to the access," he said.

"As the host the AFP can also conduct physical and cybersecurity inspection within the facility without the need to ask for the permission from the telco... according to the MOA the host can also get a  third party cyber security firm that can conduct audit of this communications facility...," he added. Robina Asido/DMS