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38 killed as gunman attacks hotel in Manila

June 2, 2017

A total of 38 people died while 78 were injured following the attack at the Resorts World Manila in Pasay City past Friday midnight. National Capital Region Police (NCRPO) Director Oscar Albayalde said the fatalities include the suspect who later killed himself inside the room 510 on the fifth floor of the hotel. “So from what we see here, he poured gasoline to himself. He covered himself with a blanket, and there are foams there, and he ignited himself, and then he shot himself before his body was totally burned,” he said. Albayalde said the 36 victims that were recovered at the gaming area at the second floor of the hotel died because of suffocation. “Practically, they were recovered at the gaming area at the casino, in the gaming area where all of them (were) found, none in the rooms as all occupants of rooms managed to evacuate,” he said. “In fact, we have pictures there, we have CCTV footages of him, he did not guard the people there. What caused their death possibly is because of the thick smoke,” Albayalde said. “The rooms are carpeted and of course the table is highly combustible,” he added. Supt. Jenny Tecson, Southern Police spokesperson, confirmed the number of injured because of the attack reached 78. “(They were) brought to different hospital for medical attention, 23 at St. Lukes Global City in Taguig City, 14 at San Juan de Dios Hospital, 21 at Villamor Airbase hospital, three at Pasay City General Hospital and 17 at Remington hospital clinic (all in Pasay City),” she said. Albayalde said the still unidentified suspect was on-board a vehicle when it arrived in the parking lot of the hotel. “He left his car inside the car park and as he enters he was already hanging his baby Armalite on his shoulder, there is a security there, probably internal security, but because she is not really a security guard, so when she approached the guy, she saw the firearms and then he started to rattle so she run. Then she was seen by the public that created panic already and stampede,” he said. Albayalde could not say what was the motive of the attack but he emphasized the incident cannot be related to terrorism. “We really could not tell the motive of the perpetrator but apparently, he is mentally disturbed. That’s why, we cannot relate it to terrorism, because he did not shot… he did not shot anybody. He did not shoot anyone. He just went inside. He burned the gaming tables and shot the doorknob of the storage where the chips were kept and he stole 113 million worth of casino chips,” he said. Albayalde noted they cannot say the incident is related to robbery as the suspect was not able to exchange the chips that he took into cash. “Well, it could not be robbery because he could not be able to spend those chips and he wouldn’t be able to exchange those chips into cash or into pesos,” he said. Albayalde said because of the poor response of the security of the establishment, Philippine National Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa ordered the NCRPO to coordinate with all security officers of resorts and hotels in the metropolis. “Well first of all the security of the hotel was frightened because when she saw the suspect she ran instead of calling immediately for assistance. The people there scampered, including the security who is a female,” he said. “Actually, we were directed by the Chief PNP to coordinate with all the security officers of all the resorts and hotels in Metro Manila. And we’re going to do that,” Albayalde added. “During that time, we did not see their internal security holding any firearms,” he noted. However, the management of the Resorts World Manila claim that their security personnel were able to engage the suspect. “Testimonies of responding members of Resort World manila’s security team confirm that they were able to shoot and wound the gunman…” the casino’s chief operating officer Stephen Reilly said as he read their official statement. “Severe blood loss from the gunshot wound significantly slowed the assailant down and resulted to his holding up in a room where he took his own life,” he added. (Robina Asido/DMS)