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Dela Rosa says another Korean held up by rogue cops in Pampanga

January 23, 2017

Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald Dela Rosa revealed Monday another Korean was the victim of robbery by rogue policemen in Pampanga last December.
Dela Rosa said he wants to get more details from the Central Luzon police regional director on this incident even as he spoke to one of the suspects in the killing of a Korean businessman insideCamp Crame.
“I will ask regional director …There is another Korean victim. It happened last December. I don’t know yet how many policemen were involved but its hold up (incident), he said.
Dela Rosa spoke to SPO3 Ricky Sta. Isabel, one of the suspects in the kidnap-slay of Korean businessman Jee Ick-Joo, at the custodial center.
“I did not show anger to him, I told him to just relax. Tell me what you what to tell me. Tell me what happened,” he added.
Dela Rosa noted the statement of Sta. Isabel has full of “alibis” and “self-defense”.
“A person that fabricates (a) story is obvious although I’m not a graduate of psychology,” he said.
“I am not prejudging him. I’m not a judge. Maybe his wife will say again that I am not a judge but I am the PNP chief I know my men,” he added.
Dela Rosa said although Sta Isabel is one of the primary suspects, he assures that the PNP will consider the information from his wife.
Meanwhile, PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group chief Senior Supt. Glenn Dumlao denies the allegation of Sta. Isabel wife’s of his alleged involvement in the abduction-slay of the Korean businessman in Pampanga last year.
In a press conference, Dumlao said:“She called me through their attorney saying that his husband wants to cooperate with us when were cornering him.
Dumlao said he asked Jinky Sta. Isabel to his office but she chose to meet him in front of the tennis court to avoid the media.
He said during their meeting inside CampCrame, she and her lawyers showed up.
“I asked them where is Ricky? They said he’s not there, so right there and then I told them these are my parameters. First, I need proof of life of the husband. If dead where is the proof of death? Second, who are all of the involved here and where is the vehicle?” Dumlao said.
“If Ricky Sta Isabel would provide that we will be able to help him.That defends on the fiscal but we have to take off from him because he has a case and her lawyer said we need to clear Sta. Isabel’s name to the media first. So I got angry, we should not talk,” he added.
Dumlao also denied being related to Anti-Illegal Drug Group Superintendent Rafael Dumlao,  also one of the suspects. Robina Asido/DMS