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Dela Rosa says some NBI agents allegedly involved in Korean abduction

January 24, 2017

Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald Dela Rosa said some agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) are allegedly involved in the abduction of Korean businessman in Pampanga last year.

“We have source… who confirmed that there are NBI assets there, (one of them) is a driver of a director and they confirmed it,” Dela Rosa said.

Dela Rosa did not name the director but he mentioned SPO4 Roy Villegas identified one of the alleged NBI agents as “Jerry”.

“I don’t know if ( he is a ) regional director or director of a department… according to the NBI asset, Jerry is a driver. Have you seen the (person) who withdrew ( money) from the ATM? He is the one at the back. Sta Isabel is in the front, the person at the back of Sta Isabel that is Jerry according to SPO4 Villegas, and the NBI confirmed (it’s their) driver,” he said.

Dela Rosa said aside from Jerry, there may be other suspects from the NBI.

“There was another one that was not identified. Aside from that, the two were really involved in the abduction”  Jerry and another one who introduced themselves as NBI agent, ” he said.

Dela Rosa said he has a theory there is a big group behind this but he added he does not  have evidence.

Amid the involvement of four police officers from the Anti Illegal Drug Group (AIDG) on the kidnapping, Dela Rosa said the PNP will check the background of personnel not only in AIDG but policemen in the Anti Kidnapping Group.

“We will ensure that all our personnel involved  in anti-drug operations are clean, we will repeat the background investigation of the people there, we will do background checking if there are problem we will dismiss them,” he said.

“Including the AKG because I am dissatisfied in their performance, in the way they handle the case of the Korean. Why it took so long to have a good development? If not for (AKG Chief Senior Supt) Glenn Dumlao the investigation of the case will not move,” he added.

Dela Rosa said AIDG Director Senior Supt Albert Ignatius Ferro asked permission of President Rodrigo Duterte to quit. But Duterte told him to stay.

“I told him, sir, Ferro is also tendering his resignation because he is already humiliated. The president said why, is that your fault? You already have a lot of accomplishments. Continue your work. If you’re involved, then you resign but you’re not,” he said.

Dela Rosa said as of Tuesday the highest-ranked PNP officer identified to have involvement on the abduction is Superintendent Raphael Dumlao of AIDG.

“I hope I have brain scanning machine so I can scan the brain of Dumlao, so I would know who ordered him,” Dela Rosa said. Robina Asido/DMS