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Duterte ready to face class suit over Marawi destruction

October 29, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte said those who want to sue the government because of the devastation that happened in Marawi City has the right to do it.

Duterte made the statement during his departure speech in Davao City for his three day visit to Japan on Sunday night.

The President said he could even be hailed to the International Criminal Court amid reports that some Marawi residents were planning to file a class suit against the government for virtually converting the city into a wasteland.

"It’s well within their rights to do that. I agree with you that if you have a gripe, and you think that justice should be done, and if they think that the Philippine courts would be prejudiced or biased, they can always go to the International Criminal Court," he said.

Duterte ordered the all out offensive against the Islamic State-inspired Maute terrorists who occupied Marawi for about five months. He also declared martial law in Mindanao due to Marawi crisis.

"But let me answer you here and now, that I declared martial law to answer the challenges of the moment and I take full legal, criminal, and civil liability. I Iold myself solely responsible for what happened, including what --- the things that --- the incidents there, the events that transpired. I said, 'I take full responsibility for all',” Duterte stressed.

After the government's declaration of Marawi liberation from the terrorists last October 17, some residents were allowed to visit and check their properties in the city. Ella Dionisio/DMS