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Duterte says he won’t enter into new military pact with any country, but can select friends

March 24, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte said on Friday his government will not enter into any new military pact with any country, but he can select friends who do not make any imposition.

Duterte said the Philippines has an existing, but "passe" defense pact, apparently referring to the 1951 RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty.

"It's passe now, but it's there. So I will not enter into a military alliance with anybody. But certainly, I can choose the friends who are kind to us, those who understand us, and those who do not make imposition," he said in a speech during the opening ceremony of the 31st biennial convention of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. in Pasay City.

Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua was also present in the event.

"A country has every right, sovereignty, to deal with a particular problem on a sound way, taking into account the culture, the prevailing environment. Nobody should really be fucking us with interference," Duterte stressed.

Duterte asked for respect from other countries.

The European Union recently criticized the Duterte administration for the alleged extrajudicial killings of over 7,000 individuals allegedly involved in illegal drugs.

The president earlier said EU's statement could be construed as meddling into the internal affairs of the Philippine government.

The United States under the administration former President Barack Obama also hit Duterte for his bloody war on illegal drugs, prompting the Filipino leader to distance from the US and pivot to China and Russia.

Duterte announced his decision to distance from Washington during his state visit to China in October last year.

The president said during that trip, Chinese President Xi Jinping told him that the Philippine foreign policy "seems to be just a dovetail of what America wants."

"So I said I will adopt and then align the foreign policy but I would like to trade with you and please help us," he said recalling what he told Xi.

Because of his change in foreign policy, Duterte said the Philippines is "getting a relief now from our hardship because a lot of money is coming in."

He cited China's promised for multi-billion investments to the Philippines, including funding grant for the construction of two bridges in Manila. Celerina Monte/DMS