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Duterte says Resorts World needs to explain following tragic incident

June 5, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte has said Resorts World needs to explain for the recent tragic incident. This as Duterte apologized for the death of 38 people, most of them suffocated, in the Resorts World attack last Friday. "The hotel has to explain to us why there were no immediate exits," he told reporters in Subic Bay, Zambales when he toured a Japanese warship on Sunday. Duterte said the victims at Resorts World hid in small rooms when the lone gunman set on fire the casino tables. "They died of suffocation. And to think that there's only one son of a bitch running a rampage there," he said. "I'm sorry that it had to happen. And I apologize to the families," Duterte added. Duterte reiterated what happened in Resorts World was not terrorism. "Who would ever think that one man could cause the death without really knowing it? Without intending to kill people, but the fact is the reaction was to go inside the rooms," he said. Police said the lone gunman, who also set himself on fire, was a dismissed employee of the Department of Finance, a gambler and was heavily indebted. (Celerina Monte/DMS)