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Duterte warns of “killing” barangay captains who are into drugs

August 23, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte warned on Wednesday he will go after village officials who are into illegal drugs.

In a speech in Batangas province, Duterte reiterated his opposition to the holding of barangay elections later this year, saying those protectors of illegal drug trade would get elected.

"This is a policy statement now. That is why I objected to an election. Because if we hold the election, those supported by drug money will win," he said.

"Let them (barangay captains) stay for the meantime and let's look for ways to kill them," he said, adding that he was making his warning in public.

He cited what happened in Ozamiz City, which for the long time had been ruled by the Parojinogs whom he accused of getting rich because of their involvement in illegal drugs.

"Look at Ozamiz. How many decades it was under the Parojinogs who were running the show? Drugs," he said, noting that the economy in Ozamiz City was "good" because of narcotics.

Duterte said there were only few poor people in Ozamiz because the mayor there had a drug factory.

Late last month, police conducted anti-drug raids in Ozamiz, resulting in the death of 15 people, including its mayor Reynaldo Parojinog, and arrest of other members of the Parojinog family. Celerina Monte/DMS