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Guerrero, new AFP chief of staff, outlines three priorities

October 26, 2017

The new chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) emphasized three priorities during the change of command ceremony in Camp Aguinaldo Thursday.

“The priorities in the area of peace and security are clear: finish the remaining terrorist groups, neutralize the communist insurgency threat and support law enforcement agencies in efforts against lawless armed groups,” said Lt. Gen. Rey Leonardo Guerrero

“Our commander-in-chief gave his marching orders to those who came before me and like those before me I intend to use the might of the AFP to make this a reality. The perseverance, sacrifices and hard work of our troops have brought solid results in winning the peace and bringing us closer to the people. Men women of the AFP, our labor continues as we build on these victories. Together let us do better, work harder, fight smarter, and serve our countrymen even more,” he added.

Guerrero,  now the 49th Chief of Staff of the AFP, stressed the need to continue reforms in the armed forces.

“We need to continue our reforms to attain operational and organizational excellence, operationally we will continue to improve our capability to address current and future challenges,” he said.

“We will revisit our war fighting doctrines to consider new battlefield environments and subsequently train and equip our soldiers to operate in the same, we will aggressively implement our modernization program and fast track the procurement of advance weapon systems that provide cost effective and precise target engagement, long range and high endurance unmanned systems, and modern air and naval platforms for strategic lift, interdictions, surveillance and reconnaissance,” he added.

Guerrero who is a member of PMA Class 1984 will reach his mandatory retirement age of 56 by December 17, 2017.

Although Guierrero is set to retire after less than two months of serving as the AFP Chief of Staff,  Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana mentioned the possibility of extending his term.

“Actually, the president has the prerogative to extend even if the chief of staff is about to retire. He can extend that, that is within his power. We have martial law. That is good reason for the president to extend whoever is the chief of staff,” he said.

Lorenzana admitted that he is in favor of the possible extension of Guerrero to give him a longer time to fulfill his duty.

“Yes of course, because what can Gen. Guerrero do in two months? Maybe he will be extended in much longer time so that he can do his job,” Lorenzana said when asked if he is in favor of an extension. Robina Asido/DMS