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Maute dad transferred to Manila to prevent rescue by terrorists: military

June 8, 2017

  Cayamora Maute, father of Maute Brothers Group, was transferred to Manila Wednesday night after he, along with four individuals, were captured in a checkpoint in Davao City on Tuesday morning, the military said on Thursday. In a press briefing in Davao City, Brig. Gen. Gilbert Gapay, deputy commander of the -Eastern Mindanao Command, said for "security reasons," Cayamora had to be flown to Manila. "He is the patriarch and the head of the Maute clan. And as such, he is considered as a high-value individual and, at the same time, high-risk individual also," Gapay said. Cayamora's two sons, Omar and Abdullah, are among those who are subject of military operations in Marawi, along with Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria anointed leader in the Philippines. While there were no direct reports on the plot to rescue Cayamora by the Maute militants, Gapay acknowledged this could be possible, considering in the past, the group rescued detained ordinary members in Marawi City. "And what more to Cayamora, who is the head of the clan? So, it's not a remote possibility that they would also do that here in Davao while he is detained here," he explained. Gapay admitted security forces were not discounting the risk Maute could create trouble in Metro Manila with the transfer of Cayamora. But Gapay assured security forces are ready for any eventuality. Prior to his arrest, he said Cayamora was reportedly in Marawi during the early part of Maute's attack in the city. "We have been receiving reports that he was spotted in one of the barangays in the start of the crisis, at the start of the attack, he was present. But this is one information we are still verifying," Gapay said. The Islamic State-inspired Maute militants attacked and started occupying Marawi on May 23, prompting President Rodrigo Duterte to declare martial law in the whole of Mindanao for 60 days. Gapay said Cayamora could have escaped from Marawi by taking the "southern route" going to Malabang, Lanao del Sur, then Parang, Maguindanao to Cotabato City. Cayamora and four others were arrested at a checkpoint in Toril, Davao City. He reportedly tried to cover his face, prompting security forces manning the checkpoint that he could be a suspect. The older Maute was charged on Wednesday for illegal possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives found inside the van which he rode going to Davao. He had also standing warrants for kidnapping, illegal detention and multiple murder. Gapay said Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, martial law administrator, has also issued two arrest orders against several individuals, who are mostly members of Maute ISIS group and Abu Sayyaf Group. The security forces also recently arrested former Marawi City Mayor Fajad Umpar Salic, along with three others. Gapay said investigation has been ongoing to determine if Salic had a role in the attack in Marawi by the Maute members. (Celerina Monte/DMS)