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NPAs overrun military detachment in Northern Samar

April 1, 2017

Government troops lost more than ten high powered firearms after the New People’s Army (NPA) overrun a military detachment in Northern Samar last Thursday. 1Lt. Cherry Junia, Army’s 8th Infantry Division, public affairs office chief, said the Geparayan CAFGU Active Auxiliaries (CAA) Detachment located at Brgy. Geparayan, Silvino Lobos, Northern Samar was fired upon by around 150 NPA members around 4:30 am. Junia said the detachment was manned by two soldiers and 15 CAFGU’s when they were attacked She confirmed the troops tried to defend their position that resulted for two hours and half of fire fight but they would have to retreat after they were overpowered by their rebels. “They tried to fight but because of the number of their enemies they retrograde, meaning they withdraw because of the number of their enemy,” She said. Junia emphasized that the rebels also burned the military detachment during the attacked and seized a total of 11 high powered firearms of the government forces. Among the stolen firearms and equipment includes one M60; one R4A3; four carbine rifles; five garand rifles and one Harris handheld radio. Junia failed to explain how the rebels were able to seize that significant number of high powered firearms from the government forces. She noted the incident is  being investigated by the authorities. Junia also mentioned four civilians living near military detachments sustained gunshot wound during the attack. “They were brought to Catarman Provincial Hospital for medical treatment,” she said. “The atrocity proved once again that the NPA is no longer concern for the well-being of civilians who are considered non-combatants and a clear manifestation that the communist terrorists do not abide to the Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and Rule of Law,” she added. Junia said no soldiers and CAFGU members in the detachment were hurt. She said the government forces are continuously conducting pursuit operation against the rebel group while the Philippine Army in Eastern Visayas are also calling for the cooperation of people against the violence of the rebel group. “To achieve lasting peace and development, your Army in Eastern Visayas is calling the stakeholders and the general public to support the government forces in fighting these communist terrorists,” Junia said. “Everyone is highly encouraged to report to any nearest military units any NPA sightings in their area. Despite this unfortunate incident, rest assured that the 8th ID will continuously conduct massive combat operation to deter the evil plans of the NPA and other lawless elements against our peace-loving people in Eastern Visayas,” she added. (Robina Asido/ DMS)