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Shabu industry is a conspiracy, says Duterte

March 30, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte said on Thursday the shabu industry is a "conspiracy" of all.

In a speech in an event in Malacanang, Duterte explained why there were poor people who died in his administration's war against illegal drugs.

"They said, 'the problem with Mayor Duterte is that poor people are dying.' You know shabu industry is a conspiracy of all," he said.

He noted that even if there is shabu and there are no runners, nobody will benefit, and if there are runners and no shabu, there is no industry.

"But you have to destroy the organization, the apparatus itself. It cannot be stopped by just doing away where the source will also produce it and leaving behind, letting them free, these runners," he said.

Duterte apologized that the rich and poor have to die in his campaign against illegal drugs.

"The NGOs (non-government organizations) have been complaining that rich and poor alive are being killed and so I'm sorry. I told you drop the shabu. You want to end the killings in this country overnight tomorrow, all you have to do is to drop it tonight and heaven will be tomorrow," he said.

Over 7,000 individuals allegedly involved in illegal drugs have been killed since Duterte assumed office in June last year. Celerina Monte/DMS