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Sunvar Realty leaves Mile Long

August 18, 2017

Sunvar Realty Development Corporation finally left the Makati Mile Long property as authorities locked down the establishment Friday morning.

Members from Privatization and Management Office, Makati Regional Trial Court branch 141, and Makati City Police arrived around 9am at the company owned by the Rufino- Prieto families located at Amorsolo St., Legazpi Village.

Upon arrival, authorities inspected each office inside the building and around 10am, they checked the 2.9 hectare stretch of the Mile Long property.

Makati RTC Branch 141 Sheriff Robert Bautista said "this is an execution pending appeal."

He said this case was decided since June 10, 2015 at Makati RTC Branch 61 but the management of Sunvar made an appeal but on August 14 when the Court of Appeals issued a writ of execution.

Bautista added they've given notice to the tenants for the last three days.

"Supposed to be, it is Sunvar who's in-charge in informing their tenants but what we did is we still go to them so that they will be aware of the order of ejectment,"  Bautista said.

Driveways and parking areas inside the mile long were also locked from vehicles.

PMO officer-in-charge chief Gerard Chan said after the lockdown, they will start the process of selling the property.

Asked regarding the fate of the unit owners and tenants, Chan said they can coordinate on whoever will buy the whole property.

"We will look into it because the idea is to sell the whole property. So whoever buys the property, he will be the one to talk to those who are interested to rent," he said.

Asked what will happen if unit owners have not finished leaving their area, Chan said: "After the lockdown, they can coordinate with the PMO if they still need to vacate."

Bautista said it is up to the PMO if they will allow tenants to lease the property.

"If they are interested to continue leasing the property, they can write PMO. Tell them their intention and if it's approved, we don't have anything to do with it," he added.

Some unit owners were dismayed as the evacuation came really fast.

"We don't have any plans. We'll just move on and move to another office," one of the unit owner said.

Senior Supt. Gerardo Umayao, Makati City police chief, said the implementation of evacuation notice was peaceful even if there was some  tension after one of the unit owners questioned the two notices given by the RTC and PMO.

"There is an oppositor. Although, for us it's okay because they are just questioning the notice being served by the government. For me, I can see that the sheriff can implement the order to him to shut this property," Umayao said.

He said police were asked by the court to assist in implementing the notice if unit owners resist.

"So if there are (people) who will resist, or fight or who wants to distract them in implementing the notice, the Makati police is here," he added.

Bautista explained to the lawyers who asked him regarding the two notices the court didn't know about it and said "we just received the order (and) we comply."

He added tenants and unit owners who received the notice late will have the chance to vacate the place until Tuesday.

Last August 15, Solicitor General Jose Calida Jr served the order to Sunvar Realty Development Corporation after the Court of Appeals sustained its earlier decision last January allowing the government to regain possession of the property. Ella Dionisio/DMS