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Japan Foreign Ministry Commends Ph Seafarer’s Union, Manning Group

October 8, 2019

Japanese Ambassador Koji Haneda hosted a reception last Oct. 1 at his residence to celebrate the awarding of the Foreign Minister’s Commendation to the Associated Marine Officer’s and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP) and the Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council (PJMCC).
AMOSUP President Dr. Conrado F. Oca and PJMCC President Mr. Eduardo U. Manese received the award from Ambassador Haneda with his appreciation for their promotion of Japan-Philippines economic relations on behalf of their respective organizations.

Camera and Edit: Cris Balleta
Text: Virgilio Galvez
Executive Producer/Publisher : Toshihiko Uriu
Executive Editor / Head, News Video Production: Virgilio Galvez

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In a press statement, the Japanese embassy said that around 34,000 Filipino seafarers are onboard Japanese merchant fleet and comprise about 75% of its total personnel.
Filipino seafarers play a constructive and essential role in global trade and contribute immensely to the country’s economic growth. As the local labor union and manning agents’ association, these organizations, in close cooperation with relevant agencies, are responsible for the stable employment of quality seafarers for many years.