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Taal Volcano island: 10 days after eruption

January 25, 2020

Ten days after Taal volcano erupted, authorities ferried journalists on board helicopters to allow them to record the situation on the island-crater. < The eruption has turned the island into a wasteland although the remains of a once-thriving community remain visible from the air. The government has declared the island as a "no-man's land" and plans are being made to resettle about 6,000 residents of the island volcano to a safer area. The volcano last erupted in 1977. Although declared a permanent danger zone, the island attracted settlers who depended on tourism and fishing for their livelihood. Volcanologists have maintained alert level 4 which warns of a hazardous eruption in the days ahead. Authorities have also enforced a lockdown of high-risk areas within a 14-kilometer radius around the island-volcano, forcing tens of thousands out of their homes.